While men slept…WurlD premieres new banger Ghost Town

While we were trying to drag ourselves out of our lockdown-extended night sleep, our fave blue-haired man released Ghost Town in the early hours of 1 May. But not all of us are late, because looking at WurlD’s social media, Youtube channel and energetic debut on COLORS, many monitoring spirits aka die-hard stans already knew about this move long coming and did not tell us! Such a betray.

We don’t blame them sha, WurlD is an amazing musician and person and you should step up your game on him. His previous albums and EP especially Love is Contagious and the WurlD-Sarz I Love Girls With Trobul shows that WurlD is a whole vibe, soul food music, pure and bodied with a fusion of talent and weaving in and out of genres. But back to today’s topic.

Ghost Town has that Fela-ish feel mixed with a hip-hop jazzy somtin (camdan I’m going somewhere lol). I caught a chill-and-drive-through-the-city-on-a-cool-afternoon vibe. Given that it is from his upcoming new EP AfroSoul dropping May 15, the flow is very fitting.

On this track, WurlD is introspective and sings about the never-ending rat race of life and fame, giving your dreams all you got even if reward is long in coming, ‘keeping ..spirit alive to be a winner’ and surviving even when the road is unsure and lonely, and ‘many men try to come and put a bomb on your spot’. It’s about seizing opportunity when it comes your way or risk living in a Ghost Town. After all success has many friends, failure is an orphan. Be thankful for the good people who stick with you though, like the mother who ‘gonna always say a prayer for me, pray I make it home alive.’

I’m big on instrumentals and down for intentional, carefully arranged tracks. The bass first begins its rhythm as he begins his story and once he builds up momentum to ‘run, run, run’ the beat kicks in. Well placed. Along the way it slows at the bridge and comes back in to emphasize the urgency as he implores rap-like, ‘I need to survive, keeping my head in the light, keeping my spirit alive to be a winner’. The hook is mellow and we get the message loud and clear — make the best meaning of what you got, even if you have to go it alone. If WurlD has a music video for this song, ‘fierce’ would be a good theme, like Tem’s Try Me kinda fierce.

Dear WurlD, we wish you great success and joy and await AfroSoul May 15!

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